Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Medical Experiments, continued by Nillus...)

You’re about to tell her to call the doctor, but after a few seconds of watching your cum leak from her pussy, you can’t help yourself. You grab your cock, noticing it’s probably a few inches larger than you remember, but you’re so turned on you don’t care. You line up with her pussy, and start sinking in.

“Nnnngh, fuck, again? Really?” Nurse Jenny asks.

“God I fucking loooooove your pussy! SO tight!” you exclaim as you bury yourself in her.

As you feel your tip hit her cervix, you stop to let her adjust.

Jenny looks up at you, panting, a look of lust in her eyes. “You gonna fuck me or what?”

You’re more than happy to oblige.

You grab Jenny’s hips and flip her onto her stomach on the desk, then using her hips as handles, you begin fucking her as hard and as deep as you can. The room is filled with the sound of flesh on flesh slapping and the squishing sounds from her tight cunt.

“Oh god! Yes! Your big cock is gonna make me cum!” Jenny yells in between moans.

As her pussy clamps down on your meat like a vice, you can’t hold back any longer, and fill her up for a second time. After recovering for a moment, you pull your still-hard cock from her cunt.

“You’re still hard after that? I’m gonna need some help for this…” Nurse Jenny says.