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(Medical Experiments, continued by FreedTheKnight...)

Before you end up shooting your load, you hastily drop her and collect your calm. Not wasting anytime, Nurse Jenny scrambles to her feet and reaches for the phone. You grab her wrists and hoist her up, moving her away from the phone and door.

You bend her over her desk, move her lab coat to the side, and tug down her skirt. “Steve… don’t do it, I…” she protests.

You cut her short as you prod her soaked panties. She responds with a moan and a wiggle of her hips. You tug those down as well and let out a whistle.

“It looks pretty nice down here, geez Jenny if I didn’t know any better I’d think you were enjoying this,” you say, experimentally poking her juicy opening. She makes a move to get up but you easily force her back down.

You separate her lips and dive your tongue in. Jenny clamps her hand down on the back of your head and lets out a shaky moan. You lap heartily at Jenny’s overflowing pussy. You’re not sure if it’s the experiment or if Jenny’s is just naturally tasty, but her juices taste vaguely of raspberries and cream.

“Oh god Steve… don’t stop!” she cries, holding your head in place. You have no intentions of doing so. After a few more minutes of your frenzied licking and lapping, Jenny lets out a long moan and she finally orgasms.

Just in time too — your jaw was going numb. You stand and your throbbing member smacks her right in her sensitive slit. She cries out in pleasure and another burst of her love juice coats your cock.

“C’mon Steve, I’m so ready,” she pants. You rub the head of your massive member against her slit —wetting it but with no real intention of going in. You place both hands on her firm ass cheeks. You grip them both, savoring the feeling and plushness of her ass. While it isn’t big and jiggling, it is still big enough and firm enough to get a good handful.

You pull them apart and gaze upon her puckered star. You grab your dick and began to rub around her juices and your precum. “Hurry up Steve!” she whines, wiggling her hips.

You grunt in reply and line up the shot. “Hope this isn’t your first time,” you say.

Nurse Jenny has no time to reply before you jam half of your oversized phallus up her unprepared anus. She lets out an ear-piercing shriek but you hardly notice. You try to move your hips but you went in mostly dry. But that’s never stopped you before (mostly because there’s never been a before.)

You run your hand over Jenny’s pussy, which is still sopping wet, and rub it over your cock. This affords you some leeway but it’s still hard to move. You pull out completely, which is greeted by a relieved sigh then a pained groan as you ram it back in.

“Steve stop — this is my first time!” she cries, placing her hands on your hips. You take this as an invitation to try again. This time you lube it up again with the endless stream of precum your enormous rod is producing. You also wet up her hole for good measure.

You put your head to the entrance of her tight anus and slam your hips forward. You are just as surprised as she is when your engorged balls slap against her dripping cunt.

Not wasting a second you set to work furiously fucking her ass raw. Your hips are a blur of tan as you continue to pump into her immensely sore anal passage. “How’s it feel now, huh?” you ask, not breaking pace.

Your answer comes in the answer of a messy female orgasm. Her anus squeezes your cock as she convulses and writhes in the fantastic glow of an orgasm. Speaking of orgasms, you feel yours not too far off.

You pull out of her gaping anus and flip her over. “Open your mouth,” you command, beating your meat with a passion that most reserve for beating things to death. She squeezes her breasts together, opens her mouth, and sticks her tongue out.

With a mighty roar, you send a thick rope of jizz across her body and onto her forehead and hair. The second strand lands on her tit and in her mouth. The last couple land on her chest and stomach.

With your sac empty and your libido satisfied your member loses its heart-stopping size and shrinks back to normal.

“What an amazing trial!” Nurse Jenny exclaims. “Let’s go again.”

The End