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(Medical Experiments, continued by Amy...)

You grab Nurse Jenny’s hand and take the phone, replacing it on the hook. You can see she’s curious about your intentions (not to mention your double-dick), so you make yourself clear.

You pull the lab coat off her shoulders leaving her standing in just her skirt and a white top, and you can see the outline of a red bra though the back of the top. You trace along the outline of her bra with your finger, slipping your arm under hers until you can reach the bulging cup and you give a squeeze.

You take the lack of objection as consent to continue. “Arms up,” you instruct, her compliance quickly followed by your removal of her top. It lands in a heap near your feet and you kick it away under a desk. She won’t be needing it any time soon.

You’ve always fantasized about fucking a girl you’ve never met before, and growing the second penis seems to have been the perfect icebreaker. You waste no time in undoing her bra. With one hand fondling her plentiful tits you slide the other up her leg and under her skirt. A quick pat of her matching red panties confirms to you her willingness and they soon join the top on the floor.