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(Medical Experiments, continued by MFPal...)

You decide to cum into Nurse Jenny’s throat as you feel your orgasm getting dangerously close. Her head moves faster along your shaft and you feel her tight throat squeezing your cock head. You try to hold it back because it feels so good, but her tongue licks around your hot rod and you know you can hold back no longer.

You gab the sides of Jenny’s head and shove your dick as far as it will go down her gullet. You feel her cute nose pressed against your belly as you cum. You hear some wet gulping sounds and Jenny pulls her head off your cock. You let her. As good as her mouth feels, you don’t want her to suffocate.

As you pull out, your cock is still spurting cum. It splatters on Jenny’s chest and some trickles into her cleavage. She wipes it up with her hand and licks it up, sucking on her fingers.

“How’d you know I fucking love the taste of cum?” Nurse Jenny asks.

“Heh, lucky guess?” you reply.

Jenny giggles as she realises that you are still hard.

So Steve,“ Jenny says seductively. ”I’m going to need a sample for testing.“

You notice that she has swallowed every drop of your cum. “How do you think I should collect it, or do you want me to call the doctor to help?”