Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Medical Experiments, continued by Donger...)

You suddenly feel something trickling down between your thighs and realize how horny you are. “Hey, can you ask the doctor to come in here?” you ask Jenny.

“Sure,” she replies. Without talking, you know she has the same idea as you.

“Doctor Mandy, we have a success!” she shouts excitedly.

You hear footsteps from down the hall as the gorgeous Doctor Mandy enters the room with nothing but a lab coat and heels on. She walks over to you and starts playing with your new breasts. Almost immediately you let out a moan of pleasure.

“It seems the serum has made you more sensitive,” she says in a sultry tone. “You should know that the serum is permanent.”

“Right now all I care about is cumming!” you shout as you tackle her and rip off her lab coat.

You waste no time getting to business as you tear off your pants and begin grinding your pussy against hers. Nurse Jenny decides to join in on the fun and straddles Mandy’s face. As your tits bounce up and down you can feel yourself cumming. Mandy and Jenny follow almost immediately.

Panting, Mandy puts on a strap on. As you turn around and bend over, Jenny spreads her legs in front of you invitingly. Doctor Mandy pushes the dildo into you as your brand-new hymen breaks. As you scream with pleasure, Nurse Jenny pushes her pussy forward to meet your mouth. You part her labia with your tongue and start exploring her while she moans. Soon you are met with a splash of pussy juice.

“I forgot to tell you, I’m a squirtAHH!” She’s cut off by you moving your tongue to her clit.

Afterwards you exchange numbers with both girls and from then on you meet up every week for another fuck party.

The End