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(Medical Experiments, continued by TheDarkNight106...)

That look in your eyes tells Nurse Jenny all she needs to know.

“Um. Steve. Why don’t we just sit down and talk about this?”

Your smile only gets wider as you rush forward and push her down.

“Steve! Steve stop it.”

You want to but you can’t. “Sorry Jenny,” you say as you shove your growing cock into her tight pussy, “but it hurts and I heard nurses make things all better.”

“Fuck me! Oh damn, it’s so big. Fuck me!”

She’s begging for it now. You happily oblige. Soon you’re thrusting in and out, the slap of your balls hitting her clit fills the room along with her moans. She goads you to fuck her harder. Two minutes later you know you’re about to cum.

“I’m almost there! Fuck!”

You spray her womb with your sticky love juice. It starts leaking out onto her pussy and ass.

You pull out and your dick starts to shrink back to normal size, leaving Nurse Jenny covered in spunk.

“We’ll need samples of that too,” she says.