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(Medical Experiments, continued by MFPal...)

“I’m going to call Doctor Mandy,” Nurse Jenny says, moving over to the phone on her desk. She picks it up and you hear her half of the conversation. “Hey, Doctor! It’s the patient. Something’s hap — Yes, he is but how did you — Okay.” She puts down the phone.

“So?” you ask irritably.

“She’s on her way. Somehow, she knew what had happened.”

You wait, hoping that this Doctor Mandy will have some answers and you’ll finally have someone sensible to talk to.

After only a minute, Doctor Mandy walks in through the door. She is a real bombshell. You see why Nurse Jenny doesn’t think she is a real doctor yet as she looks to be in her late twenties. The curves from her modelling career still show in the lab coat that looks too form-fitting to be regulation. Her long brown hair is straight and falls like a waterfall down her back. She stares at you with piercing blue eyes above a pair of sleek, rimless glasses, or rather, she stares at your clothes, apparently floating in midair.

Nurse Jenny runs up to her. “Oh, Doctor Mandy! This is Steve.”

“What the fuck has happened to me?” you yell.

“Please, Steve,” Doctor Mandy says, holding up a hand. Her voice is low and seductive. That mixed with her appearance makes your trousers feel very tight all of a sudden. “I’m sure you have a lot of questions.”

Doctor Mandy pulls up a chair and sits opposite you as you repeat your worries to her. She sits with her legs crossed, showing a short blue dress under the lab coat and long, toned legs. She is not wearing tights, and her tanned skin is particularly obvious. Nurse Jenny has gone back to doodling.

“Have you ever read H. G. Wells, Steve?” asks Doctor Mandy when you’ve finished.

“Er, no.” you say.

“Well,” continues Doctor Mandy, “in his book, ‘The Invisible Man’, Wells thought about achieving invisibility by making the body’s refractive index the same as air. We tried it with animals and eventually developed a formula that did just that.

“You can see because your retinas do absorb some light. If I know where to look, I can just make out two little rings of silver that are your eyes.” As she stares into your eyes, you experience a throbbing down below.

“Non-visible electromagnetic radiation,” Doctor Mandy continues, “such as ultraviolet and infrared seem to serve the body just as well as when visible. I’ve used it on animals as big as horses and as close to humans as chimpanzees. Every one of them showed signs of invisibility within ten minutes, hence why you were observed for that time.”

Your head is reeling with all of this information. “B… but why me?” you ask eventually.

“I don’t know,” Doctor Mandy admits. “It’s probably genetic, but we’re going to have to run some tests.” She stands up, straightening her lab coat so that it hugs her curvaceous figure. “Take your clothes off, please.” You feel, again, an almost painful jerk in your pants at her words. You obey.

You strip and manage to hide the fact that your cock is at full attention. If you were visible, you imagine it would look pretty ludicrous sticking out from your crotch.

“Nurse Jenny,” says Doctor Mandy, “can you do the physical inspection?”

“O… Okay,” Jenny says unsurely. She walks up to you like a blind person, hands out stretched, trying to feel you. Her smooth fingertips touch your chest. The pressure in your cock is pounding.

Jenny begins sliding her hand around your chest. She probably wants to know where exactly you are. She goes lower, getting onto her knees as you stand there. Her hands have moved to your leg (completely missing your crotch), when her head hits something. Jenny’s hand comes up and grips your protruding cock, which just almost poked her in the eye.

You bite your lip. Nurse Jenny’s gentle hand on your throbbing member is making it painfully hard.

“Doctor Mandy,” Jenny says in a sultry voice. “Look at what I’ve found.”

Doctor Mandy smiles. “Yes. That is interesting. Well, Nurse Jenny, what should we do?”