Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Medical Experiments, continued by Amy...)

Nurse Jenny reaches into a drawer and pulls out a bottle of lube. You can’t tell if she’s prepared or just a massive slut, but you thankfully take the lube and slather it all over your top cock. Some girls like double penetration but you’re willing to bet that this is the first time one has experienced it quite like this.

Positioning yourself right proves to be tricky and you only manage to line up one of your cocks. Jenny bends over further, grabbing at your loose cock and aiming it straight at her pussy.

With a cheeky smack on her ass for luck you take the opportunity to thrust both cocks deep inside her. For such a slutty girl her pussy is tighter than you expected and you’re pretty sure her ass has never been used before. It isn’t long before you begin to feel the familiar sensation in your balls and you know you’re about ready to blow.