Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Medical Experiments, continued by MFPal...)

You walk up behind Nurse Jenny and press your crotch against her ass. The warmth of her body feels so good, even through the lab coat.

“Oh!” she squeals and drops the phone. You guess you won’t be interrupted for some time. You lift up Jenny’s lab coat and see a pink thong. Her skirt is so short it rode up just by her bending over.

You press your crotch against her again, gripping her hips. Your upper cock slides along the string of her thong between her cute, tight cheeks. Your other slides down between her legs over the front of her underwear. She gasps sharply and you feel a warm wetness on your lower dick.

You shift your hips back and forth and the feeling is incredible. You can feel one of your cocks dribbling precum onto Jenny’s ass, making her ass-cleavage a warm, silky valley. But you can also feel your other cock rubbing against her pussy, feeling the soft lips, hard clit, and the hot juices flowing from it. It is so much more intense than with just one.

“Oh, fuck,” Jenny grunts. “If you keep going like that, you’re going to make me cum!”

It feels amazing, but you want more. Her G-string is starting to irritate you. You pull back and wrench the offending underwear down and out of the way.

“Tell me what you want,” you whisper into her ear as you continue to rub against her.

“I wanted to take you home when I saw you,” she moans. “But now… Oh, please just fuck me!”

That is all you need for both dicks to go as hard as rocks (seriously, where was all this blood coming from. Maybe it’s why you’re not questioning fucking a girl you’ve only just met). You pull back, precum and pussy juice dripping off your shafts. Using one hand, you place your lower cock against Jenny’s sodden cunt. The head slips in easily. She’s so horny that it feels like her pussy is sucking you in. Her ass is different.

Her ass cheeks are shiny with your precum, but her rosebud is tight against the pressing of your upper cock. Nurse Jenny seems to know what you are thinking. “Use this.” Her hand moves back and passes you a medical bottle of lubricant. You pour it on and push a finger into her asshole to get her insides ready.

“This your first anal?” Jenny asks conversationally, like she hasn’t got one cock in her pussy and another pressed against her ass.

“Yeah,” you mutter. You had been interested, but no girl wanted it.

“My ex-boyfriend was a fucking pervert,” Jenny says. “He did get me into anal though. Never been DP’ed before, though.” She sounds eager, like a child on Christmas morning wanting to know what the presents are. “That’s enough lube. Now stick it in and fuck me!”

You do what the Nurse orders, and slam your lengths, both of them, balls deep into her holes.