Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Medical Experiments, continued by 343 guilty spark...)

When Nurse Jenny and Doctor Mandy feel around, they like what they find. With your cock throbbing, you can only hope this goes the way you think it will.

While the beautiful nurse still has a hand on your member, the even-more-beautiful doctor walks over slowly and seductively. She drops her pen and clipboard and kneels down next to the nurse. She feels around for your cock, and when she finds it, you can’t help but let out a quick gasp. This goes unnoticed by Doctor Mandy as she tests the full length of your little “patient.” When she reaches your tip, you both gasp. You from the sudden sensational feelings she is giving you, and her from the sheer size of your dick.

“Jesus! I didn’t believe they even got this big!” Mandy says in a surprised tone. “Jenny, you have to feel this thing!” she yells as Jenny takes off her coat and shuffles over.

Nurse Jenny kneels back down in front of your member again, this time her eyes full of lust. The thoughts running through your head are so mixed up with so much new information that you almost miss the doctor taking off her own lab coat as well. Throwing that to the side she is now only left in her tight fitting undershirt. You can easily notice that her nipples are hard as bullets already and she is attempting to examine every little detail she can.

“It’s considered rude too stare you know,” you say in an attempt to break them both out of their trance.

Without waiting for an answer from either of them, you grab Nurse Jenny’s hand and make her slowly jerk you off. With her other hand she reaches under her skirt and slowly fingers her already dripping pussy. Meanwhile, Doctor Mandy is sitting there unsure what to do. This catches your eye quickly.

“What’s wrong?” you ask her.

“I don’t know if I should do this, I am dating a man who I love very much, but his isn’t even half the size of yours,” she says.

While you wonder if she will join you or not, your thoughts are cut off by Nurse Jenny, who has decided that she wants to give you a sudden deep-throat.

While you enjoy the new sensation of the nurse bobbing her head up and down on your member you can see out of the corner of your eye Doctor Mandy coming to resolve her thoughts. She gets up, takes a deep breath, and mumbles to herself something that you can’t make out, but judging from what happens next, your guess is that she said “Ah, fuck it!”