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(Medical Experiments, continued by kut52...)

You answer to Nurse Jenny that the best way to collect the specimen would be if you’d fuck her in her pussy. You quickly lift her out of the chair and force her against the wall. You lift her skirt up and there it is — a beautiful sight.

Feeling the aroma of her wet pussy in the air, you rip her underwear off with an audible slurp. She’s all wet for your big cock.

You only need to insert your cock in her and the moans grow louder. You’re hornier than ever before and fuck her as furiously as a fucking machine. She moans out loud: “Steve, you’re huge, fucking huge!’’

You only get more excited and pound her so hard that her body just slams against the wall again and again. Her tight pussy is squeezing your rock-hard cock, when you hear a clipboard falling to the ground.

Doctor Mandy steps into the room and her mouth is wide open. That does not bother you and you continue to fuck the nurse until you cum. She cums at the same moment and the climax is as powerful as you have ever experienced. The nurse seems to be out of breath on your impaling huge cock. You, on the other hand, are only getting hornier and hornier.

The choice is yours. What do you want to do next with these ladies? The doctor is just stunned and the nurse is thouroughly fucked, but hey, that does not stop you.