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(Medical Experiments, continued by Martin Harris...)

“Wait… don’t you want to see it?” you ask.

“Oh god yes I do!” replies the nurse. “But you are invisible…”

“Doctor, how long will the invisibility last?”

“Well, when the nurse injected you with the serum, it immediately began to rewrite your DNA strands. The serum didn’t just make you invisible, it gave you the ability to become invisible. Your brain should recognize this new ability as a sense, just like sight, smell, taste and touch. If you try to, you should be able to control it.”

The entire time the Doctor has been talking, the nurse has been moving her hand back and forth over your invisible, throbbing shaft.

“So, what you are saying is that I can control this, like a super human power?” you ask.


And just like that, your massive stick appears out of thin air.