Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Medical Experiments, continued by Venator...)

With your new girlfriends by your side you walk into Doctor Mandy’s apartment. Now that you know you have full control over anyone you can’t wait to bend your new girlfriends to your will.

“Both of you get undressed, now!” you say without fearing remorse.

Nurse Jenny slowly removes her lab coat to reveal two perfect breasts. They’re medium sized and perky. Her nipples seem to be begging to be sucked. As she rolls down her panties her shaved pussy is revealed. It’s perfect you think as your already large rod grows in your pants.

Doctor Mandy on the other hand has small tits. You quickly notice that she makes up for lack of tits in her big round ass. Her pussy is wet. She definitely wants you.

“Don’t move” you say to both beautiful girls.

You walk over to Nurse Jenny and grab her breasts. Both of them are putty in your hands and you love them. You bring your mouth to one nipple and suck it while you squeeze and twist the other. She doesn’t move but does moan in pleasure as you suck her perfect tits.

Now it’s Doctor Mandy’s turn. You forcefully grab her ass and dig your fingers into her round buttocks. After a good feel you decide it’s time for some pleasure. You leave the doctor with a good smack on the ass and turn back to the nurse.

“Jenny,” you say. “Get on your knees and suck me.”

Immediately she gets down and unbuttons your pants. As she does your cock is clearly pronounced as the bulge is huge. She pulls down your pants and boxers at the same time and your dick smacks her in the face.

“Ah!” she yelps. “Your dick’s trying to fight me!” she says in her little stupid but cute voice.

“That’s only because it likes you. Now put it in your mouth and suck.” She grabs your cock and hastily puts it in her wet mouth.

As you enjoy Nurse Jenny sucking your cock you forget Doctor Mandy. “Mandy,” you command her. She turns to you awaiting your next command. “Eat Jenny’s ass”

Without a bit of hesitation she gets on her knees and places her mouth between Jenny’s ass cheeks. She weaves her tongue in and out of the nurse’s asshole.

Both girls can’t help but moan in pleasure. This is going to be the best night of your life!