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(Medical Experiments, continued by Maya Mythwood...)

Apparently, Nurse Jenny got pregnant. You receive a phone call saying that you must return to the hospital immediately.

When you get there, you find the nurse holding a beautiful baby girl. Her eyes are bright blue-green, and her hair is a shining golden blonde color. She also has nice long, dark eyelashes and very light, soft skin. You can’t help imagining what she will look like as a teen. Then, the nurse clears her throat. “Come with me, please,” she says.

You follow her into a room in the back of the hospital. Once you go inside, you notice that the nurse must live here. There is a bed in one corner, a small kitchen with a table in another, and a door that presumably leads to a bathroom. There are also two cribs next to the bed. One is empty, and the other contains a handsome baby boy with golden brown hair and green eyes.

The boy has a blanket that says “Thomas” on it, and the empty crib contains a blanket that says “Taylor”. Suddenly, you feel something touch your dick. You look down to see the nurse’s hand feeling your package. She continues holding your cock as she places Taylor back in her crib.

“Want more?” she asks.