Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Medical Experiments, continued by Pussylover...)

Watching Doctor Mandy you feel your invisible cock twitch with excitement as she pulls at her tight-fitting lace bra. She reaches back and smiles sexily in your general direction. Some pre-cum dribbles from your cock head.

Nurse Jenny places her tongue lightly on the tip of your cock and swirls it around, causing you to groan in pleasure. Watching Doctor Mandy you feel your heart accelerate as she reveals perky hard tits that would fit perfectly into your mouth. She wiggles them for your benefit, then reaches down towards her panties. Slipping them down sexily she smiles, then pushes Nurse Jenny away who also begins stripping for you sexily.

The Doctor reaches blindly until you guide her hand impatiently to your excited cock. Silently she wraps her hands around your cock, looking so sexy you almost cum — but you keep it back, waiting with bated breath.

Doctor Mandy licks her lips then leans forward until they make contact with your invisible glans. Then she buries it in her mouth all the way to the hilt. You gasp as you feel your cock hit the back of her throat. She gags on the cock then pulls away, her eyes glittering with desire. She traces up your chest with her sexy touch until she finds your lips and kisses them passionately — her tongue turning your insides to mush as she makes you moan.

Mandy pulls away and smiles in a way that makes you kiss her neck then fondle her breast. She moans as you roughly play with her tits, kissing her hard and sexily. You want your cock so fucking deep inside her. You want to pick her up and ram your cock all the way inside her tight sexy cunt and fuck her till she screams and squirts.

You finger her pussy, ramming two invisible fingers inside. Nurse Jenny’s eyes widen as she watches Doctor Mandy’s pussy lips open up and spread wide, as if by their own accord. The doctor flushes and moans, “Yes right there! Deeper! Oh — fuck me with those fingers!”