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(Medical Experiments, continued by Morgana...)

“Who do you think I am? Your boss. Is everything working the way we planned?”

The door opens, giving you no time to hide your hard cock and your strong desire for the soaking pussy of Nurse Jenny. A brunette girl appears by the door, wearing (to your surprise) nothing but an unbuttoned lab coat. You recognize her from the calendar as Doctor Mandy.

“I see…” she says, introducing one of her fingers into her mouth.

“This is Steve. It’s even better than we thought, although he’s the first subject that has shown the symptoms,” replies the nurse, rubbing secretly her wet pussy with your dick. “The effect is so strong I couldn’t resist it… I know I should’ve waited for you.”

The doctor put the finger she had previously licked over her cherry lips, whispering in the sexiest voice you had ever heard:

“Mmm, you’ve been a very bad girl and you deserve your punishment.”

The doctor sticks her fingers into the nurse’s pussy, oblivious that you were still underneath, and begins moving them in and out, faster each time, while the blonde girl’s breath speeds up. She starts pressing her tits as if trying to prevent herself from cumming and suddenly, just before her wet juice spring out, her boss stops:

This is your punishment!”

She throws the nurse away from you and approaches your half-opened mouth, which is nearly pleading her for more action. As she crawls towards you, she lets her whole sweating body explore every part of yours and you feel her hot breath on your rock-hard dick, letting her lips caress it softly before moving on. When she finally gets to your mouth and is about to give you your most desired kiss, her right hand takes grip of your cock and imprisons it tightly, rubbing it mockingly against her pussy. Leaving a trace of warm saliva over your neck she begins biting softly your earlobe, incrementing (if this was even possible) the hardness of your dick.

“What is your biggest fantasy, Mister Sexy Patient?” she whispers. “I want to make it come true with only one condition… You have to do everything I ask you in exchange. Well, what shall I do to please your hidden dreams?”