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(Medical Experiments, continued by Leafy_Cockpen...)

“I think we can do better than this, if you like it so much,” you whisper, an evil grin on your lips.

You will your tentacles to put her down, and they retreat back to you. Nurse Jenny flashes you a sexy smile, which completely vanishes as your tentacles pin her to the desk, and one ventures under her skirt.

Jenny moans at the feeling of the cock shaped tentacle rubbing her drooling pussy. She turns to you, a look of lust clouding her eyes, and whimpers “Please, Steve, I need it. Put that fat tentacle deep inside me!”

You don’t need to be told twice. As soon as she finishes speaking, the tentacle lunges into her tight pussy, forcing a scream of pleasure from her. You mercilessly fuck her soaking cunt, until you see the cum bulge moving along the phallic appendage.

“Jenny, I heard screa- Holy Shit!” Doctor Mandy bursts through the door, and freezes as a massive load explodes over Jenny’s ass.