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(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Um…no…” The horrified look of realization on Jenny’s face says everything.

Your brain is sent into overdrive, but not entirely from worry. It could be worse. If worst comes to worst, it means marrying Jenny. Right now, you can’t think of any drawbacks to marrying such a sexy blonde. In fact, some part of you hopes that’s what’ll happen. You fight to hide a smile.

Jenny has sat down in shock, her face in her hands. “Why?” she asks herself. “Why did you make such a stupid decision? Why did you even agree to this job? What were you thinking? Were you even thinking?”

You struggle to think of something to say, feeling a twinge of guilt. “Jenny…” you start. She looks up at you with reddish eyes, and you choose your next words carefully.