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(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Jenny, wait!” Your voice sounds slightly higher than you’re used to. The hot nurse turns to you. “You see, I can’t help but wonder how best I can use my new, er… additions.”

Nurse Jenny picks up on what you mean instantly. Her lips curve into a smile and she unbuttons her coat to reveal a red lace bra and scarlet thong. You grab the bottom of your shirt and yank it over your head, displaying your E-cups in all their glory.

Jenny gets straight to work, licking and sucking your left nipple while cupping and lightly squeezing your right boob in her hand. You didn’t realize women got so turned on by boobplay.

In return you reach down to start rubbing Jenny’s pussy through her thong, then slip your hand inside and let your fingers test her pussy’s wetness.

Jenny pulls down your pants and lifts up your ballsack, allowing her tongue to lap at your pussy while stroking you off with her hand. Turned on by your light moans and gasps, she wraps her lips around your clit and sucks hard. Your knees buckle in response.

“Oh, fuck…” is all you can say. You’re getting a class-A lesson in how to pleasure women, and you’re enjoying every second.

Jenny breaks the cunnilingus for a moment with a playful smile on her face. “You’ll owe me afterwards, got it?”