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(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

Nurse Jenny speaks up before either you or Doctor Mandy can. “Well Doctor, it seems that the serum needs some work.”

Mandy looks on, shocked, then seems to find her voice again. “I can see that, Jenny. What the hell happened?”

You pitch in. “Hi Doctor, I’m Steve. Your serum turned me into this tentacle monster, Jenny started screaming and my body acted on its own — a tentacle stuffed her mouth to shut her up. I managed to gain control of the tentacles and let her go. She said she liked it, so I fucked her, then you walked in as I came, and here we are.”

“That pretty much sums it up,” Jenny agrees.

Mandy has calmed down now. “I’m sorry this happened to you, Steve. The other subjects didn’t show any symptoms at all. It might be genetic,” she suggests.

She has a passionate voice and speaks seductively, maybe without realizing it. Some part of you — the newly formed animalistic part — yearns to fuck her senseless, but you’re the one in control, not the tentacles.

“Why can I control them though?” you ask. “It’s as easy as moving any other limbs, there’s just more of them.”

“Because your brain has adapted to your new appendages,” Mandy answers. “Your cranium has recovered from the shock, and it’s adjusted to match your new body.”

“Well, now what? I can’t go outside looking like this.”

“I… seriously don’t know,” Mandy admits, resigned.

Jenny, having stripped off her ripped clothing, speaks up. “Y’know doctor, I can think of some intriguing applications Steve’s new body might have. In fact, I already know one of them.” Jenny winks at you.