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(Medical Experiments, continued by 7...)

Two of your tentacles fly out and pin the doctor. “Just a moment doctor, your patient will be ready for you in just a moment,” you say, and then an evil grin crosses your face as you wonder if you can impregnate Jenny or Doctor Mandy.

You start mercilessly fucking Nurse Jenny again and slide a tentacle into her ass. Jenny screams at the violation, then shudders and moans as you shove a tentacle into her mouth. Now getting fucked in all three holes, Jenny has orgasm after orgasm.

You smile at the doctor. “Here’s a fun experiment. Let’s see if either of you get pregnant from getting fucked by these. You seem interested in experiments, right Doctor?”

“We don’t —” Doctor Mandy begins to explain, until you cut her off with a tentacle, forcing it into her throat.

“I wasn’t really looking for an answer. Just wait your turn, let’s see what happens with Nurse Jenny first.”

You watch bulge after bulge pulse through the tentacle into Jenny’s pussy. Her stomach begins to expand as her womb is filled, until she looks really six or seven months pregnant. The tentacles in her mouth and ass bulge as well, filling the stomach and intestines. Jenny’s arms and legs quiver, and her eyes open wide with ecstasy.

Suddenly, your pull out all three tentacles, and both you and the doctor watch as gallons of cum pour from the poor girl’s orifices. You release her, and she drops limply to the ground, lying in a puddle of seminal fluid.

You use your tentacles to rip off the doctor’s clothes, then roughly shove a tentacle into her pussy and ass. Mandy’s screams of pain quickly turn into moans and screams of pleasure. Suddenly her eyes open wide in horror, and you turn to see what she’s looking at.

Jenny’s stomach is expanding! She looks like she’s nine months pregnant, and with twins or possibly even triplets!

You laugh maniacally, then proceed to fill the doctor with cum as well. “Well, here’s something for you, and you even get a preview of what’s going to happen to you!”

You let the now semi-conscious doctor hang limply, suspended in mid air by your tentacles, to watch and see what nurse Jenny gives birth to.