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(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Would you rather get repaid now?” you ask, smiling.

Jenny kisses your clit one last time, sending another wave of pleasure through you. She stands up and unbuttons her coat with such ease that you’re impressed. Now the sexy blonde is standing in a low-cut red top and a lacy pink thong.

“On your back, Steve” she asks, a slightly malicious glint in her eye.

You lie on your back and Jenny swings her leg over your hips, but doesn’t let you penetrate her. Instead, she rubs her pussy over your cock, getting it wetter and (if possible) even harder. Jenny reaches behind her and successfully finds your pussy, slapping it lightly and making you shiver.

The sexy nurse places your cock at her pussy entrance and slides the whole thing into her, sending a burst of pure bliss through the both of you. You feel your pussy tremble as Jenny starts to grind up and down your dick, grabbing one of your tits for support.