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(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

By reading a post-it note on the desk with the phone, you’re able to call Doctor Mandy.

A low but sexy voice sounds through the receiver. “Nurse Jenny, what is it? Is the serum a success?”

“Um… Jenny is a little incapacitated right now,” you answer. “I’m Steve.”

Doctor Mandy doesn’t seem surprised. “I see. Please tell me what happened.”

“Jenny injected me with the serum, after ten minutes she asked me what aftershave I was wearing, and that she couldn’t resist,” you explain, as calmly as you can. “You could drown a toddler in her panties. She’s pleasuring herself right now.”

“So… the serum caused you to smell highly erotic and Nurse Jenny is currently masturbating to the aroma?” Mandy clarifies.

“Pretty much, yeah,” you answer.

“I’ll be there shortly,” you hear, then a click that indicates that the Doctor has hung up.

You notice that Jenny has shuffled closer to you, taking deep breathes of the pheromone signature you’re pouring out.

“Steve, please…help me,” she begs. “Kiss me, play with my pussy, fuck me — I don’t care. Just please do something more than stand there watching me frig myself.”

Jenny has clearly submitted to her biological responses and wants nothing more than your cock. Fucking her would be easier than fapping to erotic fiction. That said, Doctor Mandy is on her way, and you doubt she’d approve of her nurse getting all the action.