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(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Doctor, the serum is a success!” Jenny proclaims to Doctor Mandy. You stop thrusting into Jenny but she begs you, “Please don’t stop, Steve. You’re too fucking good.”

You’re more than happy to oblige and keep fucking the sexy nurse’s tight pussy as she attempts to explain what happened “I injected — Oh god — him and became — aw fuck — overwhelmed by his — urgh — pheromones Doctor — ah!”

Mandy seems less shocked, and you hear her taking deep breaths of the air over Jenny’s delighted moans. “It’s certainly an erotic aroma,” she comments. “I’m tempted to join you.”

Mandy begins unbuttoning her coat and casts it aside. Walking towards you, she purrs “So Steve, how would you prefer that we did this menage a trois? Triangle? Double hotdogging? Take your pick.”