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(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

Doctor Mandy knows immediately what Nurse Jenny means. “Okay… I’m intrigued,” she admits, smirking slightly.

It takes Mandy under a minute to strip of her own lab coat to reveal her lack of a bra underneath. Even her panties consist of a tiny see-through g-string.

Unleashing your tentacles on the brunette, you tear off the underwear and hold her arms above her head. Jenny, gently frigging herself, looks on and tells you “Y’know Steve, Mandy really has a thing for having those tits of hers played with.”

You lift Mandy off of the ground and wrap tentacles around her tits, squeezing hard. After a minute of squeezing, you spank the boobs roughly, each smack followed by a whimper of ecstasy from the Doctor.

You finally guide a tentacle towards Mandy’s pussy, now wet from anticipation. You prod at the entrance playfully before shoving it in as far as it can go. Mandy’s shocked silence says more than words could.

You haven’t forgotten about the sexy blonde nurse, offering two tentacles in her direction. She takes one and guides it towards her excited pussy, playfully sucking the head of the other. She shoves the tentacle into her pussy, shivering with muffled delight, attempting to deep-throat the other tentacle (though not making much progress.)

You feel yourself about to burst with pleasure, and bulges travel along your tentacles like a traffic jam of cum.

You begin pumping the sexy nurse and doctor full of your seed before collapsing to the floor in ecstasy. You wake up to the smiling face of Nurse Jenny and a sensation in one of your tentacles that tells you that Doctor Mandy is giving you a blowjob.

You can’t help but smile back.

Sure, you might be a physically deformed tentacle monster, but you’ve gained two hot girlfriends who do their best to satisfy your every whim. Maybe this whole experiment was a blessing in disguise.

The End