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(Medical Experiments, continued by Coolguy...)

“Get you two sexy girls having a threesome with me,” you blurt out. The doctor looks over at the nurse and begins to kiss her lush red lips. Their tongues pass into each other’s mouths as they arch their backs in ecstasy.

“Come on over,” Doctor Mandy says to you.

You leap up and begin to caress the soft plump behind of Doctor Mandy. Her tanned bum shows her wet pussy between her cheeks.

You place a hand on each as you grope and squeeze them your tongue diving for her dripping cunt. Nurse Jenny leaps up and begins fondling Doctor Mandy’s double-Ds, twisting the hard dark nipples. She emits a groan as your tongue explores the tight walls of her vagina.

Jenny pushes you back and begins to gently stroke your eight-inch staff. She cups your balls and kisses your throbbing cock before letting her pink lips slide down it, leaving it shining with saliva as she bobs her head up and down.

Doctor Mandy arches her back down and inserts three fingers into Nurse Jenny’s sopping cunt making a soft slapping sound. Every time Mandy pumps, the nurse deep-throats you, milking your white love from your thick dick.

You cannot hold on much longer you think. Now or never.

You grab each of Nurse Jenny’s tits and back her back onto the floor as you slide your wet prick into her tight virgin walls. You accelerate your pumping while Doctor Mandy sits on her face, riding her cunt on her mouth.

You cum explosively inside the nurse and pull out in time to penetrate the ass of the doctor for another burst.

You fuck her furiously until your cock goes soft, the doctor’s ragged breathing barely audible under the sound of her ass orgasming.

“Now, where’s my money for the test?” you ask.

The End