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(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Jenny, you’re a very sexy woman, and I don’t just mean in looks,” you say, out of the blue.

The nurse is surprised at your bluntness. “What do you mean, Steve?” she asks, but you can see that she’s smiling slightly at the compliment.

“I’m saying I want to fuck you,” you say without any hesitation. “All I can smell right now is the sweet aroma from your pussy, and — not gonna lie — it’s driving me crazy.”

Nurse Jenny looks shocked. “Steve, I…” she begins, but she can’t seem to speak. She gulps and looks at your crotch, which has a massive bulge poking outwards. She’s clearly wrestling madly with her thoughts.

“If I can’t fuck you, at least let me lick you out,” you find yourself saying.

Jenny pauses at the words, then smiles slightly. She pulls up her skirt and opens her legs, revealing blue lace panties. You get on your knees and move them aside, breathing in the sweet scent.