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(Medical Experiments, continued by TheHornyGirl...)

You are sick of Nurse Jenny acting like it’s not her fault and you come to the only conclusion that will benefit you. You are going to fuck her. “Jenny?” you ask.

“Y, y, yes?” she stammers.

“I can see you, but you can’t see me,” you reply with a sinister grin she can’t see. You walk ever so quietly to her as you see her eyes darting around. You grab her tit and she gasps in fright.

“Steve!” she moans lowly.

In reply you rip her shirt open revealing her bare tits.

“Naughty girl!” you whisper in her ear, sending shudders down her spine. Holding her hands above her head with one hand you reach down with your other and begin to rub her mound, which is getting wetter by the minute. You begin to finger her through her panties making her moan.

This drives you over the edge. You tear her panties off and whip out your big invisible dick, then shove it into her tight pink pussy. You have barely started fucking her hard while she moans, when suddenly the door whips open. A beautiful brunette that can only be Doctor Mandy is standing in the doorway, watching as Nurse Jenny appears to be writhing around alone in sexual torment.

“Jenny? What the hell are you doing?” she asks the nurse.