Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Medical Experiments, continued by shockwave...)

You command Doctor Mandy to bend over a nearby desk and spread her legs. Just before you finish in the nurse’s mouth you push her aside and walk over to the ready and waiting doctor.

You thrust your throbbing cock deep into Mandy’s pussy over and over as she groans in delight. Then, feeling yourself on the brink of cumming, you summon Jenny over and shove your dick down her throat.

You blast a massive load down the nurse’s throat into her stomach, her squeals muffled by your thick cock. Finally you pull your cock out of her mouth and watch as she falls to the ground moaning and groaning.

Feeling pretty excited with your new power you command the two to get dressed and forget everything that just happened. You receive your pay and leave the doctor’s apartment with a whole new outlook on life.