Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Both of you kneel down and press your tits together around my cock,” you order them.

They do as you say and kneel in front of you. The two hot women surround your dick with their tits and press them together. Despite the size of your dick, it completely vanishes in the mass of naked flesh.

You begin thrusting your cock between the four tits, while Jenny and Mandy take turns in spitting into their tits, wetting them and making it easier to thrust.

“Both of you kiss. I want to see a lot of tongue action,” you command. Without hesitation, the sexy blonde and the curvy brunette let their lips touch, immediately swirling their tongues. The French kissing creates a dribble of spit falling onto their tits.

You speed up your thrusting, and the sight of Jenny and Mandy tongue-kissing and the feel of their beautiful tits around your cock is quickly driving you to the point of orgasm.