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(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Well, I have a thing for feet, and in that swimsuit calendar, everything below your shin is as sexy as the rest of you,” you tell Doctor Mandy, hoping she isn’t weirded out by your request.

“My feet aren’t usually the first thing that guys compliment me on, but thanks,” she smiles. “But if you want my feet, you’ll have to get them ready to massage you.”

She lets go of your cock and stands up. Hopping onto the desk, she slides her coat down her arms and lets it fall to the floor. She sticks a foot out for you to take, almost teasingly. You almost crawl over to her and take the foot she offers in your hand.

You start with just your hands: caressing her foot and pressing on her sole with your thumbs. You look over and see Nurse Jenny, eyes closed, frigging herself rapidly. You smile and start to indulge your love of feet, taking the big toe in your mouth and sucking lightly. You fit a second toe into your mouth. A third. You attempt a fourth but it simply won’t fit.

Mandy’s light moans tells you that she’s enjoying your foot worshipping as much as you are. You take the toes out of your mouth and lick her sole from the heel to the tip of the toe. It tastes simply divine. You ask for Mandy’s other foot and repeat the process: caressing her with your hands, then sucking on her toes before finally licking her sole from heel to toe.

Doctor Mandy beckons you closer and you shuffle on your knees. Without hesitation, the sexy brunette wraps her soles around your dick and starts stroking you off. It feels amazing beyond words. Mandy makes no change to her slow and steady pace, but you’re not complaining. You attempt to touch her feet but she shakes her head silently.

You slowly feel yourself edging close to climax, and the doctor can tell. She asks you to lean forward and you do so. The next thing you feel is Mandy’s lips against yours, sinking deeply into a passionate kiss. The taste and feel of Mandy’s lips drives you over the edge and you feel yourself cum upwards.

Your cum lands all over Mandy’s feet with a smattering on your torso. The brunette breaks the kiss and whispers, “Who’s cleaning it up? You or Jenny?”