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(Medical Experiments, continued by Shockwave...)

You hear no response from Nurse Jenny. “What is it?” you scream in terror. The nurse doesn’t move, doesn’t blink, she doesn’t even look at you as you begin to walk around her.

As you begin to come up with a theory about what is happening you push a pen off the nurse’s desk and it stops the moment you stop pushing.

Your excitement swells as you realize you now have the power to stop time. You pick up the nurse and move her closer to the desk. You bend her over and get a good look up her very short skirt.

As you begin to remove her clothes the door opens and Doctor Mandy is standing there. She asks what is going on but the moment her foot enters the room she is frozen and this is where you discover your powers only affect the room you’re in.

This is the first time you have had a good look at the Doctor. She is quite stunning but also surprisingly young. With long brown hair and large but perky tits just bursting out of her coat. You pick her up and place her next to the nurse and begin to undress them both.

As you reveal more and more skin you realise just how stunning they both are. Your cock is now fully erect and you cannot wait to plunge yourself into them. But which one first?

Editor’s note: Or you could elect to use your powers for good, like to stop terrorism or something. Just saying.