Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

The world of possibilities opens up to you. You could become a superhero, you could become a supervillain… hell, you could be the world’s greatest prankster if you wanted.

But first, you want nothing more than to explore the bodies of the two hot women in front of you.

Starting with Nurse Jenny, you cup her tits in your hands and gently kiss her nipples. You move your hands around and squeeze her firm asscheeks. Spreading them, you move around her back and let a finger penetrate Jenny’s ass. You don’t know if she can feel it, but you can: it feels as tight as your pants do. You slip a finger around to Jenny’s pussy and slide a finger inside. It’s not as tight as her ass, but it’s slightly wet with anticipation. From this, you gather that Jenny can indeed feel your hands exploring her body.

Smiling, you repeat the process with Doctor Mandy. Mandy’s tits are huge and feel warm as you squeeze them together. Her buttcheeks are equally as large, and her ass is so tight you have difficulty getting a finger inside at all. When you start to finger her pussy, you’re surprised at how wet Mandy is getting from your groping.

Something inside you flickers uneasily. These two women are possibly the hottest you’ve ever seen, but to fuck them would be sexual assault. You’d be nothing but a vile rapist, time-stopping powers or not. But on the other hand, your cock is threatening to burst out of your pants at the sight of these two hot women, naked and helpless.