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(Medical Experiments, continued by MFPal...)

Even though her reaction to you finding yourself invisible was not the best, you’ve always been willing to help in the teaching process.

“I can help teach Jenny, if you want,” you manage to say.

Nurse Jenny’s face shines with glee.

“Okay,” says Doctor Mandy. You were worried that turning down the older doctor for the younger nurse might offend her, but Doctor Mandy is still smiling.

Doctor Mandy wraps her hand around the tip of your cock and helps maneuver Nurse Jenny in front of it, her mouth inches away. Doctor Mandy kneels just behind the Nurse, reaches around and starts unbuttoning her lab coat.

“Men are very visual,” she explains. “This will help us get the sample.” Nurse Jenny does not object. She lets Doctor Mandy pull her lab coat off her and raises her arms to let her remove the low cut top. The satin bra is quickly shrugged off and Nurse Jenny’s bountiful beasts are released.

“Let’s begin,” states Doctor Mandy. “Take him in your hand.” Nurse Jenny slowly reaches out and manages to find your shaft and she starts stroking it.

“Now gently lick the tip,” the Doctor whispers. Nurse Jenny’s little pink tongue pokes out and begins flicking against what appears to be thin air, but you can feel that it is your cock.

Nurse Jenny’s warm, soft hand and her hot, wet tongue feel amazing. You’ve had hand jobs and blowjobs before, but this is something else. Doctor Mandy continues to whisper instructions into Jenny’s ear and you can see straight down at her large breasts. You look at Nurse Jenny’s hot saliva floating in midair, and see when Doctor Mandy reaches round and takes Jenny’s fun-bags in her hands.

“Oh my,” Doctor Mandy says in Nurse Jenny’s ear. Although she is speaking softly, you can hear every word. “I always thought that these tits had to be fake. So big and perky. But no. Now that I feel them, you just managed to win the genetic lottery, didn’t you.”

Under Doctor Mandy’s coaxing, Nurse Jenny takes you into her mouth. It is hot, wet, and her tongue feels amazing. You feel a burning deep in your core. You know you won’t be able to last much longer.

“Have you ever deep-throated, my dear?” Doctor Mandy murmurs.

For answer Nurse Jenny shakes her head as much as she can with your invisible cock in her mouth, and gargles a “Gah-guh.”

“Well,” Doctor Mandy wraps her forefinger and thumb around your shaft and moves it down your shaft until it is touching your invisible belly. You are surprised how far Nurse Jenny’s lips are from it. “He needs something for this.” The doctor starts stroking the shaft that Nurse Jenny isn’t reaching.

Suddenly, Doctor Mandy leans over your dick and spits on it. You see huge strings of saliva floating in the air, twisting into the shape of you member. Then she hefts Nurse Jenny’s tits and wraps them around your shaft.

The texture feels incredible. They are so soft and warm. You can see the tunnel of your cock as the Nurse’s tits hug it. This gets better as she begins to move. Doctor Mandy has hold of her, and she is moving the Nurse back and forth.

Your cock head is being caressed by Jenny’s hot mouth and lips while your shaft is being squeezed by those tits, slick with Mandy’s saliva. There is nothing on Earth that could stop you cumming now.

“I’m cumming!” you shout. Doctor Mandy and Nurse Jenny react instantly, as though they were waiting for this.

Nurse Jenny lets you pop out of her mouth and jumps back. Doctor Mandy helps by letting go of Jenny’s breasts and coming forward with a petri dish in her hand (you didn’t see where she got it from.) Doctor Mandy grabs hold of your unseen dick and continues to stroke it.

As she does, you notice something white beginning to gather in the air. It then becomes a line heading for Doctor Mandy’s face. It’s moving fast, but she holds up the dish and your semen splashes into it. She keeps stroking you until most of the cum is out of you, but there still seems to be some coating your tubes.

“Wow, Doctor!” exclaims Nurse Jenny. “That sure is a large sample!”

“It definitely is,” Doctor Mandy replies. “This sure is interesting. It hasn’t gone down.” She plucks at your cock, which is still hard.

“Doctor,” Nurse Jenny says sheepishly. “I… I want to feel that inside me.”

Doctor Mandy grins. “Really? As a matter of fact, so do I.” Both stand erotically before you. Doctor Mandy pulls up her top, revealing a massive pair of unfettered tits. They stand, large and proud on her chest. “So, Steve, who do you want now?”