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(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

You pinch her nipple with one hand as you cup her boob with the other. She grinds her big ass against your crotch, and you’re getting harder by the second. The ebony beauty lifts up her skirt and drops her panties, rubbing her buttcrack up and down your cock.

“Fuck my black ass, you sexy beast,” she tells you, her voice full of naught but lust.

You’re more than happy to oblige, spinning her around you and pressing her against the wall. You unzip your trousers, take you cock out of your pants, position it at her asshole and push it all inside in one thrust.

The woman’s moans of pleasure are telling, and although her ass is dry, it’s as tight as a virgin. You speed up your thrusting and she starts squealing ecstatically. You can feel your orgasm approaching quickly, and have to think fast about where to cum.