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(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

Nurse Jenny smiles at your cock and wastes no time in stroking it. It clear she’s experienced, and it feels good to have someone other than yourself jerking you off.

“This is probably the biggest dick I’ve ever touched,” Jenny comments, stroking you off happily.

“It’s one of the longest I’ve ever seen,” Doctor Mandy adds. “And in my line of work, you tend to see a lot.”

You want to ask Jenny or Mandy to fuck you, but you’re worried they’ll reject you. Then something distracts you from this thought — Jenny ‘s tongue is circling the head of your dick. She circles it a few times, then sucks the head for a few seconds before circling it again.

Mandy has taken off her lab coat and is gently massaging her clit to the sight. “If you’re going to blow every penis you come across, I’m not sure this job is for you, Jenny,” she jokes.

“Oh, shut up,” Jenny answers. “I haven’t had decent sex for over a month. All the guys I meet are either too small or have no stamina whatsoever.”

You decide to take the leap. “Well, now I’m here. You could always ask nicely,” you say, smiling.

Jenny smiles up at you. “I was hoping you’d say that. The only thing I wonder is how you want to fuck me,” she tells you, still stroking you off.