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(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

The two security guards grab you under the arms before you can react and slam you onto the desk opposite.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck,” is all you can think as Nurse Jenny tells Doctor Mandy what happened. “I injected him with the serum and after this erection came about he fucked my mouth, then my pussy, then my ass.”

“Okay,” Mandy answers shortly. “Jenny, you might want to stick around to watch this. I think you will find it enjoyable.” She turns to you. “So, you think that because we caused this experiment, you can just rape my nurse?”

“She didn’t object until I went for her ass!” you tell the doctor, guessing that she won’t believe you.

Mandy looks over at Jenny, sighs and turns back to you. “Nevertheless, you still raped her.” She says simply. “Hold him to the ground face up and pin his arms,” she instructs the guards.

The two guards oblige the doctor, slamming you to the ground and pinning your arms. Your mind races as you think about what the brunette has in store. Your question is soon answered.

Doctor Mandy puts on two rubber gloves and covers her hands in lube. She kneels at your cock and slowly, teasingly starts to stroke you off. “Unless you cum, I’m not going to stop,” she tells you cruelly.

All you can do is lie there as Mandy jacks your engorged and painful cock, hoping that your next orgasm comes soon, because your arms are going numb with the weight of the guards.

Soon, you feel your cock swell up with cum and think, “Finally — the teasing will stop.” However, Mandy lets go and denies you your orgasm before returning to the slow and teasing stroking. “Aw, what a damn shame. I guess we’ll have to keep going then,” she says cruelly.

It goes on for seemingly hours. The slow, tantalizing stroking, then a near orgasm that Mandy denies you. You eventually cease your struggling against the guards and let yourself go limp. Mandy notices this “You two can leave us now. I’ll call you should we need you again,” she tells the guards, who leave.

She lets go of your cock. “I will let you cum, only under the condition that you serve me and Jenny. Your orgasms will be rare, your desire will be to serve us, and you will be little more than a dick to fuck while we find real men to replace you,” she tells you. “Do you understand?”

You’re so desperate to cum, you just say “Yes!”

“Yes what?” Mandy teases, smiling cruelly.

“Yes Mistress Mandy!” you cry.

Mandy suddenly speeds up her stroking to an almost painful speed. It doesn’t take long for you to reach your climax and your Mistress doesn’t deny you this time. Your cum shoots everywhere, splattering the ceiling high above you.

You feel the pain and engorgement of your cock diminish rapidly and think, “Well, at least the erection’s over.” But the reality of what you just agreed to crashes down on you, upon which your jaw drops.

“Aw, fuck.”