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(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

You feel yourself explode, and the two women’s tits become covered in your cum. You don’t even need to tell them to lick it off of each other’s tits. You simply watch from the sofa. After they’re done, you become slightly curious about your power and decide to ask about it while you get hard again.

“Mandy, if I release you from my control, will you remember what happened?” you ask the brunette.

“Yes Master, but I am such a slut anyway I will likely pledge myself to you anyway,” Mandy answers, grinning at you.

Hang on… that doesn’t seem like something she’d say. Another theory pops into your head.

“Have you two been fucking with me?” you ask, trying to stay calm.

“Both literally and figuratively, sir,” Mandy answers. Upon these words, the two women burst into laughter. Your face is reflected in the window, and you can see your mouth has formed a perfect “O” shape.

“You Jenny, are a genius!” Mandy tells her nurse.

“It was nothing.” Jenny shrugs, smiling wide.

Jenny turns to you. “I came up with the idea after I saw how big the bulge in your pants was. You were rock hard when you came into the office. I slipped Doctor Mandy a text during the ten minutes and we came up with the whole mind control idea. I figured a guy like you would fuck us better than most.”

“And the security guard?” you ask.

“I gave him a nude photo of me in return for his cooperation,” Mandy answers, smiling.

“But now, Steve, we have another problem.” Jenny tells you. “You see, you got to cum, and neither of us did. I believe you owe us both one.”

“You first, Jenny. It was your genius idea,” Mandy tells the nurse.

Well, this is still turning out better than most days, you think to yourself. You’ve just tit-fucked these two beautiful women and now they’re taking turns with you.