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(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

Jenny crawls to you cat-like and takes your already-hardening cock in her hand, sucking on your ballsack. She strokes you off and pulls lightly with her mouth. The next thing you’re aware of is Jenny’s tongue circling your cockhead, making your whole dick twitch in anticipation.

“I hope you’re not objected to fucking me doggystyle,” Jenny tells you, “Because that’s how I want you.”

Honestly, you couldn’t care what position she wants. The fact is that you’re getting to fuck the sexy blonde. She gets on the carpet and spreads her pussy lips. You get on your knees behind her and gently tease her pussy. “Please don’t tease me. I’m desperate for your cock as it is,” Jenny begs.

You start to slowly slide into her tight, wet cunt before deciding “fuck it” and thrusting it all inside. Jenny’s gasp of pleasure is all you need to hear. You start to thrust into Nurse Jenny, and it’s not long before she starts thrusting back against you, making you go balls deep into her pussy.

Guessing that Jenny has a thing for rough sex, you grab her blonde hair and pull hard, starting to pound her cunt raw. Jenny’s moans of pure bliss and the feeling of her pussy clamping around your cock tell you that your guess was right.

“Oh fuuuuuuuck! I’m cumming!” Jenny screams, and you feel her juices wash over your cock, trying to escape her full-of-cock pussy. You pull out of the hot blonde and dive for her pussy, lapping up her squirt.

“Hey, save some for me, Steve,” you hear Doctor Mandy tell you. “I’m guessing from the way she’s gone cross-eyed that she’s satisfied for now.” Jenny’s heavy breathing and the amount of sweat covering her body leads you to guess similarly.