Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“I want to make you pregnant,” you tell the brunette. “I was born to breed with sexy women like you.”

Doctor Mandy smiles in answer. “And I was born to take the seed of hot guys like you.” she whispers. “Missionary is the best position for breeding, so get on top of me if you’re serious.”

You immediately roll over with Mandy on top of you. She smiles in answer and guides your dick to her already wet pussy. “Let’s fuck like the animals we truly are,” she whispers.

You weren’t planning on being gentle anyway. You grab Mandy’s hips and thrust yourself into her pussy. Her squeal of pleasure is telling. You start to thrust into the sexy brunette with reckless abandon, and you feel her nails digging into your flesh. Her moans can likely be heard across the whole campus, her pussy is as wet as an ocean, and you can tell it’s been a while since she’s been fucked this thoroughly.

Mandy clamps her pussy down on your dick, wraps her legs around your hips and speaks to you. “I can feel your dick swelling up inside me. Don’t deny either of us — fill me up with your seed and let me bear your offspring.”

At her words, you slam into her balls deep and blast your load into Doctor Mandy’s womb. You can feel her body shaking as your seed rushes past her cervix and into her baby-making facilities. “Don’t pull out yet,” a panting Mandy begs you before turning to the blonde nurse. “Jenny, go get a buttplug. I don’t want a single drop of this leaking out of me.”