Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

One year later, you place an exhausted Taylor into her crib. She yawns and gives you a sweet smile as her eyes close. You smile back at your daughter and stroke her cheek lightly.

Silently, you creep out of her bedroom and shut the door. Even more silently, you walk down the stairs and head into the living room. “She’s asleep, Mandy,” you tell your girlfriend.

Mandy takes a deep sniff of your pheromones and sighs. “At long last. Y’know, I never thought that experiment would lead me to find the man of my dreams. To think that a year ago I just wanted to achieve superpowers… I never knew I wanted a child this much.”

“Me neither. But the fact that it’s with you makes it all the sweeter,” you tell her.

She kisses your chest and says, “Steve, I checked the calendar this morning and I’m due today.” She smiles and, without waiting for a response, Mandy swings her leg over you and grinds her pussy against your crotch. “You up for baking another bun? The oven’s preheated,” she teases.

“I’m more interested in a gingerbread man,” you answer, cupping Mandy’s tits, drawing a sigh from her.

“Well, we’ve still got all the ingredients between us.” Mandy answers, taking your dick out of your pants and stroking it against her wet cunt.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” you ask her, smiling.

“Forgetting? What?” she asks, confused.

You roll over and place her underneath you, ready to breed with the sexy brunette again.

The End