Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Medical Experiments, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“You could use your powers for good. Become Captain TimeStop or something,” Nurse Jenny suggests. She looks surprisingly comfortable being naked. “Or TimeShot? I think TimeShot sounds cooler.”

Doctor Mandy sighs. “She’s a writer of superhero fanfiction. Usually they save her from a rapist and she has sex with them as a reward.”

“Hey!” Jenny tells the brunette. “You can’t honestly tell me you wouldn’t fuck Batman or Thor if given the chance!”

“I’d rather fuck Dante. He’s more badass than those two combined,” Mandy answers simply. “The original Dante, not the one in the reboot.”

“That, we can agree on,” Jenny concludes.

“Ladies, how exactly am I supposed to use my powers for good? I’m not exactly a strong guy,” you confess.

“You should be — the serum was designed to increase your metabolism and stamina,” Mandy informs you. “Since it’s given you timestopping powers, it might have given you increased strength as well.”

“As for being a hero: Rule 1. Beat the everloving shit out of the bad guys,” Jenny adds. “Rule 2. Don’t be one of the bad guys. Rule 3. Pick an awesome name. I still stand by the name TimeShot.”