Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Medical Experiments, continued by Karie5...)

“You’ll do everything I want right?” you ask the doctor. She nods but realizes what she said. You remove your cock from the nurse you are fucking and remove your clothes.

“How about you come here and I’ll give you a good time,” you suggest. You walk over to the doctor, who can’t see you.

You rip her clothes and pin her to the wall and start to kiss her. She’s getting wetter and wetter. So you decide to put your invisible cock in her pussy and thrust.

“Oh God. Hmmm… Fuck me harder!” Doctor Mandy cries out. You grin and fuck her harder than ever.

“I see you’re enjoying it doctor, you’ll be receiving something after some months,” you say and cum inside her. She moans really hard and collapses against you. You look at the nurse who is fingering herself while looking at the doctor getting fucked against the wall.

You know she’s imagining you fucking her, so you remove your invisible cock from the doctor and walk over to Nurse Jenny.