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(Medical Experiments, continued by EpicScorpion594...)

You decide to rip down Doctor Mandy’s black panties and lift her leg up as you shove your dick into her tight pussy. You feel so good as you move your dick in and out of the her pussy and decide to go even faster.

“Oh… Yes! This feels so good!” the doctor shouts. You grin as you hear those words and amp it up even more. Mandy’s exhales are short as you pound her pussy with your dick over and over again, as if you are in a trance.

You look up as Mandy kisses you forcefully. Now you are connected in both the mouth and the pussy. You two frantically fight for tongue dominance as you continue to pound her pussy repeatedly.

Mandy then pulls away and moans, “Steve… Please cum. I really want your samples.” You look at her as she is grinning and pound as hard as you can before you reach your limit. As you’re about to cum, you ask “Where do you want said samples?”

“Anywhere!” Mandy replies.