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(Medical Experiments, continued by MFPal...)

Nurse Jenny is inexperienced, but she makes up for it with tenacity. If you wanted to, you could cum right now, but you are savoring the feeling of her tits and lips massaging on your painfully throbbing cock.

The click of a door breaks your concentration and pushes you back from that brink of completion that you were approaching.

“Okay, Jenny, I’m heading off now and I’ll leave you to…”

Your head darts upward towards the door that leads to the other office rooms. A bombshell of a woman is standing in the doorway. You recognise her as Doctor Mandy.

She might be about thirty, but if she lost her modelling job based on her age, someone made a big mistake. She is wearing a lab coat that hugs her body too well not to be custom. It shows off her curvaceous figure, tight waist and generous chest. The V of her lab coat shows an impressive cleavage helped by what must be a low-cut top. Her legs have lost nothing of the definition of her modelling and still have a bronzed look naked. On her feet are a pair of modest black high-heeled shoes. Her hazel-colored hair hangs in curls past her shoulders and down her back. Her eyes are staring at you over a pair of delicate, rimless glasses and her mouth is hanging open.

You’re not surprised that she is speechless seeing her assistant on her knees pleasuring a man with a raging hard-on.

“What’s happening?” Doctor Mandy stammers. She has a low, smoky voice that makes the blood running through your cock boil.

“I can explain!” blurts out Nurse Jenny, obviously panicked. “He is in serious medical need, and he came at me, and…”

“This is incredible!” Completely ignoring Nurse Jenny, the Doctor strides up to you, knees down so that her eyes are level with your hard member, and stares at it, mouth agape. “Did the serum do this?”

Nurse Jenny gulps and regains her professional manner. “Yes, Doctor. The condition began shortly after administering the serum, and it seems to be causing him distress.”

“No doubt…” mutters Doctor Mandy, her voice growing lower and more seductive. “We need to find out more about this condition. What do you think we should do here, nurse?” She is asking almost like a teacher asking a student.