Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Medical Experiments, continued by MFPal...)

This nurse is really starting to get on your nerves. Although she is making you angry, her firm tits, tight waist, and bubble butt are also making you horny. The underpants that she was laughing at are starting to feel very tight.

You make your mind up.

You slip out of your clothes, leaving everything in a pile on the floor.

“Now, Steve,” Nurse Jenny says in a slightly chiding voice, but still with a girlish smile. “I didn’t mean I wanted you to take them off.”

You move silently. Nurse Jenny is still looking at the pile of clothes, thinking that you are still there. You stand in front of her and feel your invisible member throbbing. She is so hot.

You grab her wrists and yank them above her head. She lets out a yelp of surprise. Her wrists are small and delicate, so you grip both of them in one hand, leaving the other free. You use it to pull her lab coat open to reveal a pair of amazing breasts.

“What are you…”

You do not let her finish but cup one of her breasts firmly with one hand. You feel the nipple press into your palm and Nurse Jenny moans. It feels so warm and soft that this beauty did not have to go to a doctor to get these.

You let go, leaving her wide eyed and gasping. Your hand moves down to her hip and slides under her tight tank top. The warm feel of her skin instantly expels any fears that you might have had of freezing to death. You trace around to the front, feeling a taught, toned belly and the texture of frilly lace poking out of the top of her short skirt.

Nurse Jenny’s eyes are closed now, her rebukes gone as she bites her lower lip in a sexy little way. She is enjoying your touch and you decide to give her a bit more.

You slip your unseen hand down into her panties and enter a warm and moist space. There is a wetness as your finger tips caress her inner thighs and the mound above her pussy.

“How long has it been?” you ask in a low voice.

“Too long,” Jenny whimpers. “Please, I need it.”

Well, she asked for it. Your cock is throbbing and pointing right at her. Her skirt is short and easily brought up. You pull her panty gusset to the side and Nurse Jenny’s pussy is laid bare. It is pink, puffy, and dripping with desire. She must need it badly.

You decide to let go of her arms. She isn’t going to leave now. You run a finger along her slit and she grips the edge of the table and whimpers. You feel your erect cock (it being invisible it’s hard to tell exactly where it is) and position it just in front of Nurse Jenny’s pussy. Moving forward slightly, you feel the warmth of her cunt on your tip and Jenny gasps.

“Please, Steve. I need it.”

Then you push forward into Nurse Jenny’s pussy.

She is tight, but she is so wet that it still feels like you are being sucked in. Nurse Jenny cries out in joy as you mercilessly plunge your entire length into her hot, wet folds. You grab her hips, fingers sinking into the delicious amount of baby fat that makes her ass look amazing. You pull back until just the tip is in, and then you ram back home again.

You start building up a rhythm and Nurse Jenny starts crying out in ecstasy. “Oh yes! Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me just like like that! Oh, Steve! You fuck so good!”

Nurse Jenny’s pussy feels incredible, squeezing tightly on your dick but dripping wet too. You don’t know how long you can keep this up, especially with her dirty talk in your ears.

“Jenny, sorry that this has been such a disappointing day,” a low, sultry voice with an artificial hiss says from Nurse Jenny’s desk. You realise that there is an intercom there. “I’m just tidying up and will be leaving in a minute.” There is a bleep as the intercom turns off.

“Oh fuck!” Nurse Jenny yells, and it is very different from the screams she was giving before. She is angry and frustrated. You have to admit that the mood is ruined somewhat.

Regretfully, you pull out as Jenny’s hands lightly push your invisible chest. You feel unsatisfied and Nurse Jenny’s pussy juices covering your cock show that you are still rock hard.

Nurse Jenny looks distraught. “She’s coming out in a minute and she comes through here and…”


“Doctor Mandy! My boss!” Her eyes turn to your sopping member. “I’m so close, but there’s no way to…”

You don’t care. You are going to cum in this hot little nurse regardless.