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(Medical Experiments, continued by MFPal...)

Nurse Jenny seems to have unwittingly positioned herself precariously. She is completely naked and kneeling above you, totally absorbed in Doctor Mandy’s ministrations. Her bare, clean shaven pussy is just above your face, and is glistening with moisture.

With one finger, you reach up and slide it along the length of her wet slit. Because your finger is invisible, you don’t know where your finger is, and you use too much force, but the Nurse groans appreciatively all the same.

“What is it, Nurse?” Doctor Mandy asks. You wonder how she can be so calm and controlled while riding you.

“I think… ah! I think the patient is responding, Doctor!” Nurse Jenny manages to gasp.

“You seem to…mmmh!” Mandy lets out a throaty moan of pleasure as she lowers herself onto you leaning forward. “…be enjoying it. If he is willing, encourage the response.”

Nurse Jenny obeys Doctor Mandy’s instructions and rotates her hips so that her wet pussy is just over your mouth. You stick out your tongue and lap the juice from Nurse Jenny’s cunt. It tastes salty with a floral hint. You can’t quite put your finger on why, but it is delicious and you want more.

Nurse Jenny gasps. “I like this response, Doctor.”

She presses down on you. Your face is pushed onto her pussy. Your tongue continues to flick against her and she moans and juices gush out of her.

You feel everything so wonderfully. Doctor Mandy bouncing on your cock, her hot pussy gripping you like a velvet glove and her bouncy ass slapping against your thighs. Nurse Jenny’s warm, wet pussy on your face, filling your nose with her scent and your mouth with her juices.

Nurse Jenny reaches back for the top of your head and her fingers lace through your invisible hair. You then get an idea. You stop lapping at Nurse Jenny’s slit and flick your tongue against her clitoris.

Nurse Jenny screams. “Doctor, I really like this response!” She can hardly get any words out her body is shaking so much with ecstasy.

“I’m getting close,” moans Doctor Mandy. You can’t tell exactly what she is doing, but it feels as though she has stopped moving up and down on your cock. She is leaning forward and pumping her hips forward and backward creating a pumping motion of your cock into her that is faster than before. It is driving you insane with how good it feels.

Suddenly, Nurse Jenny screams, “I’m cumming!”

A torrent of pussy juice surges onto your face. Jenny’s cry seems to set off Doctor Mandy as she lets out a throaty sound of deepest pleasure. You feel her legs tighten around you, and her cunt squeezes hard on your cock.

This drives you over the edge and you start cumming, pumping your spunk deep into the Doctor.

Eventually, Doctor Mandy and Nurse Jenny pull themselves off you and drop limply to the floor.