Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Medical Experiments, continued by Dirtydave1974...)

The door opens and the brunette girl from the calendar walks in. Doctor Mandy’s green eyes go wide when she sees the nurse riding your cock.

A multitude of emotions cross her face. Her mouth falls open and one of her hands flies to her chest, adjusting her unbuttoned white lab coat. Then her green eyes soften and take on a dreamy look. She tilts her head to the side and a slow smile builds. Her eyes fixed on your cock. She leans forward stroking her own neck and arm as if it were a surrogate for your thick member.

“This is an unconventional approach to testing, nurse. I’m not sure I approve,” she says, walking forward with widened legs.

Nurse Jenny’s bosom, positioned above her still attached red bra, wobbles back and forth in time to each of your strokes. Her fingers rub at her hardened nipples. She only seems capable of moaning and moving her body in time to your beats.

Doctor Mandy’s lips lock around yours and her tongue pushes into your mouth. You pull at her white coat and it falls away. The doctor’s nipples are pressed hard against the bra and she moans softly as your hands stroke and caress them through the white lace.

“But seeing as how testing has already commenced,” she says, her breathing coming out thick and fast as her eyes fill with lust, “it would be a shame to lose valuable data. Oh God, fuck me!”