Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Medical Experiments, continued by MFPal...)

Your mind reels at what has just happened to you. Your invisibility alone would be weird enough, but what just happened between you and this nurse and doctor makes it almost too much to comprehend.

As the afterglow from your orgasm fades, Doctor Mandy and Nurse Jenny begin to stir. “Steve?” asks Nurse Jenny sweetly. She looks around, even though she knows that she can’t see you.

“I’m still here,” you reply. “What’s going to happen now?”

Doctor Mandy composes herself. “Well, we need to go through the proper channels. You will be taken to a research facility for further experimentation and analysis.”

You don’t like the sound of that. “Fuck that! I’m not going to become some lab rat, dissected and used by the government to create an army of invisible soldiers!”

Doctor Mandy smiles. “That won’t happen. I have full control of the serum you were given and any results from its use too. I promise you that you will be treated properly. Also, certain people will have to be informed so it doesn’t appear that you have dropped off the face of the earth.” She paused for a moment, thinking. “How does ‘Research Assistant’ sound as a job title?”

It sounds excellent. A chance to work with this smoking hottie everyday. It might also get your parents off your back about not getting a job. You tell Doctor Mandy this and her eyes sparkle.

Nurse Jenny looks excitedly at Doctor Mandy. “Can I join your team too? Oh pleeeeeease?”

“I guess I will still need an assistant,” muses Doctor Mandy. Nurse Jenny looks towards you, her eyes shining too. “In fact, with you as a successful case, I’ll need to employ a whole new team. There are a few colleagues of mine from my modelling career who have watched my move into medicine and expressed some interest in following. I could get a few of them to join.”

Spending every day with a medical team full of sexy swimsuit models, two of whom were these fine two? Could this get any better?

Doctor Mandy gets to her feet. “And of course,” she says with a sexy little wink in your general direction. “We’ll have to be collecting far more samples.”