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(Medical Experiments, continued by EpicScorpion594...)

You turn around and go back through the doors, only to have Nurse Jenny lunge towards you and place her lips on yours. She fights your tongue for dominance all the while stroking your dick through your pants. She pulls away from your mouth and takes out your member only to start to suck on it. Jenny moves her head up and down, deep-throating your shaft until she has apparently had enough.

She pulls her head off your dick only to slide her panties to the side, allowing you to slide into her pussy. The nurse screams in ecstasy as you start pounding her pussy over and over again.

“Steve… I… I’m going to cum!” Jenny shouts a few minutes in. You nod in agreement as you are reaching your limit also. A minute later, Jenny tilts her head back and yells, having the most intense orgasm she has ever had in her life, all the while you are pumping your load of cum into her.

Jenny looks at you with hungry eyes and kisses you just as the door opens again, accompanied by a “What the fuck?” from Doctor Mandy. You turn around as you start to see Mandy slowly starting to be influenced by your pheromones. But what do you do?